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2024 Donation Campaign

Hello, EarthSky family and friends! As we launch our 2024 crowd-funding campaign, the sun is nearing the peak of its 11-year cycle. The April 8 total solar eclipse – last one to cross the contiguous U.S. until 2045 – is coming up fast. And we’re edging toward our one-year anniversary on YouTube. We’re excited! We’re changing, as the world 🌎 around us changes. But, now as always, we can’t make this journey without YOU. Your support is pivotal to our mission. We invite you to scroll down the page ⬇️ to discover why we need your contributions now more than ever, and to get to know the EarthSky story.

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Back in our radio days, from 1991 to 2013, we called EarthSky a clear voice for science. We interviewed thousands of scientists, bringing you their voices and insights about Earth and the universe. In 2023 – encouraged by the advent of AI and modern trends in media – we put a toe into the big pond of YouTube! We’ve had a blast these past few months, bringing you sky information and science news on video. But our aim is to return to interviewing, this time bringing you the voices and faces of scientists, and of ourselves. We’re working on it! And if you haven’t yet joined our YouTube community, we invite you to watch and subscribe to our channel today!

Better EarthSky Community Photos

For years now, EarthSky Community Photos has been a testament to the beauty of our universe, captured through the lenses of our dedicated community members. We hope to introduce new features such as a more user-friendly interface, advanced photo-sharing capabilities, and interactive elements that will help you engage more deeply with each photograph. Through your support, we can transform this section into a more dynamic and immersive platform, where each photo tells a story and inspires a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Image credit: Mimi Ditchie captured this sun dog in Avila Beach, California. ☀️

We’re Staying Accurate & Concise

We’ve been around a long time, and we understand how science works. It’s not a perfect process. It’s a human process. But it’s the best process we have for understanding the world. By prioritizing only the most reputable sources, we’ve been able to offer our readers and viewers insights about that the world that are current and verifiable. 

We know your time is precious. We hope we honor that by creating short, entertaining pieces with all the night sky and science info you need and enjoy. Plus, we recognize that today’s media landscape is daunting. EarthSky is continually rededicating itself to cutting through the noise. Our aim is to be a voice you can hear, understand and trust. 

Image credit: Chris Mannerino photographed an M-Mir flash off Ocean Beach, San Diego. 🎣

We love you guys…

Your support and active participation have been the cornerstone of growing a robust online community at EarthSky. This growth isn’t achieved in a blink, it’s a journey that demands dedication, labor, and valuable resources. The payoff, however, is tremendous. Together, we’ve cultivated a network that goes beyond just sharing news; it’s a platform where support, tips, amazing photographs, and camaraderie flourish, especially in times when we needed them most. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you and cherish the connections that you’ve formed among yourselves. Explore the thriving communities that your contributions have fostered on platforms like YouTube, X, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Threads.

Image Credit: Osama Fathi captured the pillars of the White Stones during the Geminids Meteor Shower! ☄️ 

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