2021 Donation Campaign

UPDATE: We did it! Thank you so much for your support as we exceeded our 2021 campaign goal.

What is EarthSky?

EarthSky gives you daily updates on your cosmos and world. 🌎 Our founder Deborah Byrd created the StarDate radio series  in 1978. She launched the Earth & Sky radio series in 1991 and this website in 1994. The radio series ran daily until 2013, and, for a while, we were uncertain of this website’s future. But today – nearly 30 years after its launch – EarthSky.org is still going strong, thanks to you. We’re a small team. But we work hard to bring you the night sky information and science news so many of tell us you enjoy.,

Why we need you in 2021

Over the past year – a tough time for many around the globe – some long-time EarthSky team members began to speak of retirement. Our response was to bring new talent on board. And wow! What a great group! For us, late 2020 and 2021 have been a time for establishing strong systems and learning to work together. Now, as always, we need the support of our  friends and followers to keep going. Scan down the page – to Meet the Team – to see photos and meet the latest members of the EarthSky team! 

In 2021, we have another goal close to our hearts. We will donate 8.5% of all incoming revenues from this campaign to Women for Women International. They help women survivors of war and conflict rebuild their lives, and are currently collecting emergency support for Afghan women facing violence and uncertainty.

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Image credit Prateek Pandey.

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Thank you, dear EarthSky Community member Prateek Pandey, for this photo during the Venus-Mars conjunction in mid-July 2021.


What we're working on and towards ...

A new website & continued server upgrades

Let’s be honest, everyone needs a makeover from time to time. And in early 2021, we ended a months-long process that resulted in a necessary coding change to EarthSky.org. We think it improved the aesthetics and functionality of our website. What do y’all think?!

It’s your support that lets us work with Brandon, our dedicated computer guru. His creativity has boosted the appearance and overall experience for anyone who lands at EarthSky. If you have a technical problem with our site or newsletter, Brandon’s the man. Without him – and without you – we couldn’t share our passion for the sky and stars with the world. We’re grateful!

New look for 2021 and beyond.
Tom Marsala caught this double rainbow from Menifee, California on January 31, 2019. Thank you, Tom.
Image credit Tom Marsala.

Finding and training new young talent 

We want to make sure EarthSky is around for many years to come. To do that, we’re investing in hiring, training, and building a new EarthSky work culture. Our goal is to transfer the EarthSky talent and wisdom to the next generation of outstanding science and nature writers. 

It’s your support that has let us hire new people. It’s with pleasure and pride that we’ve watched them grow and thrive in this work, under the tutelege of our editor-in-chief and founder Deborah Byrd. 🌙

Tom Marsala caught this double rainbow from Menifee, California 🌈🌈. Thank you, Tom.

We’re proud to belong to this community

We always love to see is your photos! During this past year, when so many were confined to their homes, we were grateful for our digital relationships with each other, and with the  EarthSky Community. And we loved seeing your relationships with each other as well!  In a world that seems disconnected at times, respect for each other and love for our universe helped keep us strong. 

Long-time EarthSky friend, Lorraine Boyd, shared this beautiful photo of a bumblebee and monarch butterfly working in harmony. 🦋

Image credit Lorraine Boyd.

New media & videos

Thanks to your support, in the past year, we brought on a more permanent graphic design team. The team at Cody Creative Co. has been stellar in providing quality graphics and videos to improve our marketing efforts. In the years ahead, we’d love to make them an even more regular part of our organization! Imagine a future where every blog post at EarthSky has its own interactive video or other piece of engaging visual content. The sky’s the limit!

Growing is sooo much fun … Ask anyone.

We’re pumped that you and your friends see EarthSky as a source of credible information. But, in past years, especially during major sky events, we sometimes maxed out our host servers. During high traffic times, some of you couldn’t get in. With your support, we’ve now migrated our content to a more powerful platform. We’re still working out some bugs. But, with your help, we’ll keep improving as needed, so you can keep accessing our site and our info when you want it.

This photo was taken by long-time friend Soumyadeep Mukherjee during the first supermoon event of 2021. Thank you, Soumyadeep! 🌕

Image credit Soumyadeep Mukherjee.

Help EarthSky keep going … We NEED your donations.

EarthSky receives its funding in three ways: through ads, the EarthSky Store, and via this yearly request for donations. 🌙  

We need your help in order to keep going. Our goal is to continue the work it’s been our honor to do: bringing you the night sky information and science news that so many of you say you love. 

In addition you’ll be helping Women for Women International support Afghan women currently facing violence and uncertainty.

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